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Grant Ridley | University of Sunderland

English Education 11-18 years with QTS BA (Hons)

Hebburn’s Jason Cook gives Masterclass!

Myself and Jason

Comedian and TV Show writer Jason Cook delivered a thoroughly entertaining Masterclass at St Peter’s Campus this week. He told of his professional and personal life, elaborating on how the latter influenced his successful BBC show ‘Hebburn’. During a talk that was full of hilariously strong language, I noted down some of his TOP TIPS and funny moments…feast your eyes on these!

1. Write/Perform/Do what you know.

2. You have to fail so many times to find out where your voice/skills lie.

3. Edinburgh Fringe Festival is apparently EPIC and everyone must visit.

4. Jason hit the Jackpot when his Dad died…it inspired his show named ‘Joy’. (This was funny at the time, now it seems quite sad.)

5. Make noise! Get interest in you.

6. If writing comedy, find the specific words in your writing that make people laugh.

7. Write what you can dream. Film what you can afford.

8. Decide. Learn. Adapt.

9. (This is my favourite) Set yourself unachievable goals, someone has got to do it.

10. The University of Sunderland is fantastic and we should see it through. (Jason dropped out as he was earning good money at the time, but admits he would benefit now if he had completed his degree).

Jason Cook at the University of Sunderland

Jason Cook at the University of Sunderland

  • Name: Grant Ridley
  • Age: 21
  • Studying: English Education 11-18 years with QTS BA (Hons)
  • Hometown: Hebburn, South Tyneside
  • Ambitions: I plan to teach and travel for a few years after Uni before going into business and running my own enterprise. Who knows what opportunities await!

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