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Eduard Ruane

BSc (Hons) Psychology

Ireland update, Easter break, professional development and research

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014

Flying home to Dublin for Easter break was a great way to catch up with friends and family but also set up my home studio and ceramic kiln, ready for post graduation work and exhibitions. Experimenting with throwing ceramic pots and progression of my own technique while enjoying the benefits of home cooking has definitely put me into gear for upcoming degree show work !

Glass and Ceramics insights !

Friday, April 4th, 2014

Quick lunch break so i thought why not a better  time to blog, I’m off to Dublin today for the 3 week Easter break, eventually time to catch up with family and set up ceramic studio equipment. I figured  I would write a brief intro to the Glass and Ceramics course here at University of Sunderland.

The time split between glass and ceramics in your first year depends how your group gets split up..usually alphabetically,glass in the first say 10 and ceramics on the rest, you’ll have  either your ceramic module for the first term and then rotate to glass after christmas or  vice versa, When you’ve completed both glass-being split up between hot glass (glass blowing) architectural ( stained glass, gluing, fusing) and cast glass ( lost-wax, pate de verre and core casting) and ceramic ( throwing, slab building, slip casting, introduction to glazing and raku firings ) you’ll be given the choice to decide what area youll take your final first year assessment in to be honest its still quite open even for myself being in my final year its really down to you what area or what medium works best with your “idea”

There are no tutors as such, course lecturers take students under their wing and if anything  it’s like family, each one is approchable to talk to.

Colin Rennie the BA course leader is excellent hes so damn understanding, has world acclaim is excellent  in the field of water jet blown glass work and very modest about it.

James Maskrey is the hotshop teacher/technician he’s also wonderful and will sit with you till you figure out how to blow glass, with years of glassblowing behind him hes a master in his own element, also has work in the Victoria and albert museum permanent collection in london.

Jeffrey Sarmiento is the MA course leader he’s recently had his solo show at the national glass centre ( if you want to learn all about screen printing and layering glass, hes the go to guy ) , have you been to visit yet ? he’ll take you in first year for your intermidiate blown glass class  or a mould blowing (creating plaster negative two part moulds and blowing glass into them to create a hollow positive) im not actually sure if it’s been dropped or changed to someting similar- I’ll get back to you guys on that one.

Cate Watkinson takes the Architectural glass group and is final year course leader, shes quite demanding and will only help you when she realises that youre actually putting the work in, great teacher to have around if your looking to go into architectural site specific design or stained glass, there really is so much  opportunity here youve just got to apply yourself to everything 🙂 If you do come to Sunderland especially at the glass centre it is very integrated.

Kevin Petrie is head of the faculty and the glass PHD course leader, very experienced in printing on ceramics he’s written a few books, you wont see him much but if youre stuck with something he has quite simple solutions to everything, he also teaches the professional development module.

so thats glass covered i think..

Ceramics wise there is

Andrew Livingston, he leads the MA ceramics students and is a specific ceramic tutor, go to guy for slip casting and contemporary ceramic design.

Robert Winter is the ceramic technician, great guy always organising trips to vietnam india anywhere involving fair trade ( if you look into the sunderland futures fund theres a way to have these trips paid for if you make a successful applicaiton! ) he teaches first year basics, throwing, glazing, programming kiln firings etc. ceramics doesn’t really function without him being there he’s also in most days till late ( 9pm)

and of course there’s Tim – glass technican- he knows everything ( everything ! ) if you’re wanting the best knowledge on cold working glass hes the best guy around knows so much, great guy.

I hope thats summed up lecturers/tutors/technicians.

How we get assessed it doesnt really differ throughout years one to three, its by a viva sometimes with your year group sometimes alone, sure its stressfull if youre not prepared, youll always need to have dialogue for your work if it just looks cool or you liked the idea you wont get far, visual research is important too ive really got to work on my sketches visual and supporting  work ( technical notebooks)  as its usually anywhere between 10 – 20% of your grade

Having alot to do depends on how complicated your idea gets, if you find a way to make something simple but have a way of supporting your work visually youre set !  the studio is open monday to thursday 9-9 and friday 9-5 once you get signed off in the glassblowing studio you can work in 2’s unsupervised ! I just like the idea that my lecturers cant see my epic failures haha

Accommodation wise, the accomodaitons closest to the Glass centre are panns bank/scotia quay its about 76 pounds a week ( dont quote me on that though ) but its part of the experience ! I waited to long to book accommodation, ended up at the forge which is  about a 40 min walk from the glass centre its nearby to clanny house quite the trek,  I rented a house in second year and  now i’m renting a 5 bed house with students in my year it works out marginally cheaper than halls, but then halls is the place to be especially in first year to have all those mad shennanigans/ society banter/ great friends. So if you’re looking for somewhere close to the Glass Centre defiantly panns bank, youre right across the river looking at st peters campus.

Sunderland so far is great, joining societys was a great decision  ( freshers fayre mid september ) youll meet so much more people, seeing as glass and ceramic students seem to get quite close knit its nice to get out with different people, the student nights here are great quite cheap, different nights, rock night thursday is a favourite..Newcastle is excellent aswell, get the metro out there its about half an hour and a minibus back with 5-6 people sets you back under 5 pounds.

Its also cycling friendly here ! they’ve recently introduced this scratch bikes scheme  with the rentable bikes, except the first 30 mins are free, alot of time to cycle between both city space and st. peters campus.

Hope I’ve  given a brief introduction, If I think of anything else I’ll add it to future posts.




Sunrise Kayaking at 5.30am !

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014

Figured that I would shoot a proper time-lapse, here’s how I spend my mornings ! who need coffee anyhow ! enjoy !


(720p quality and full screen gives you the best view..)

  • Name: Eduard Ruane
  • Age: 23
  • Studying: Glass and Ceramics BA (Hons)
  • Hometown: Dublin, Ireland
  • Ambitions: To travel, take on several artist residencies and working towards teaching ceramics and glass at university level.

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