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Archive for January, 2014

Eduard Ruane

BSc (Hons) Psychology

Early start !

Saturday, January 25th, 2014


I wanted to try something different, really get into showing you how student life for me starts off in the morning, little hidden gems everywhere if you go looking for them. With the blogging i’m definitely learning how to edit my videos better, I hope you enjoy !

Having taken time off from training, I’ve started back into my routine again, but the only way I can get the most out of my day is my early mornings, seek adventure, go see the sunrise at Roker, wake up with the cold water, and catch some waves !

(Hint: watch in HD !)

Turning Thrown pots and rhino 3D modelling to waterjet

Tuesday, January 14th, 2014

What I’ve been up to this week, perfecting the perfect cereal bowl ! showing you in the video how clay after it has been thrown can be turned away to show specific details, become thinner and create a base.

I’m currently working on a rhino module (3d modelling software  ) project that allows me to create flat pack models that can then we cut out of glass on the water-jet – a high pressure industrial tool that uses water up to 6,200 bar combined with garnet abrasive grit to cut a wide range of materials, specifically but not limited to glass and ceramics here at Uni.

My project is based on the motion of a birds wing, also known as a ornithopter – mechanism that replicates the flight of a bird.

Having the use of the waterjet makes the interconnecting work a possibility. But it’s starting to become quite the challenge !


The Lost Wax Casting Process

Monday, January 13th, 2014

Carrying on from my first post I showed you an image of a glass hand holding a “paper plane”

looking at things that have already been created doesn’t particularly show how they were created or developed and produced.

Especially with glass when we take the lost wax casting process into consideration.

It was a concept i first started working on when i was in Germany, looking at body language and how different gestures can put across a particular message.

It took me 3 weeks,  alot of cracked glass and failed attempts. It was shown at the RDS Craft Gallery in Dublin as part of a competition submission.

So Lost wax what is, in brief ..

creating a positive out of wax, casting a mould around it with a plaster and molochite mixture ( ensures stable high temperature firing), steaming the wax out of the mould so that a negative exists, measuring the interior volume by means of water displacement and smashing up the needed amount of glass in chucks, casting – bringing the glass slowly in the kiln up to 860*C ( depends on the glass – i went with optical glass ) so that the glass can melt/flow into the mould  ( note the straws that I places on the wax hand before casting the mould , this ensures that the glass can flow evenly into the mould with no air trapt- which would lead to a perfect cast, the straws acting as air ducts)

Topping up if needs be – see open kiln picture.

Cooling – a proper firing schedule will take hours to cool down ensuring that the glass doesn’t crack.

De-moulding the hand and plane and cold-working the rough edges by means of hand-lapping ( abrasive grit places on glass panels and slowly grinding down the glass till a optical or desired finish exists) the abrasive grits go from 120 (rough) to 600 ( fine) followed by pumice and cerium.

I’ve organised the images below as timeline process shots.

The plane and hand were glued together with UV glue- this glue is great for creating a clear strong bond it sets off by using a UV lamp.  sometimes  I find the place where I’ve glued the piece to be alot stronger than the rest of the work !

Kayaking !

Thursday, January 9th, 2014

Something I’ve always wanted to try my hand at, honestly I expected it to be easier !

I set off early in the morning to check the sea, sunrise at 7.30 am was perfect ! I’m still playing around with the idea of a full time-lapse- the break between the shots proved quite difficult to write the message in the sand without getting caught. If you’ve never been to watch the sunrise here, you’re missing out !

We picked the perfect day to go kayaking with adventure Sunderland, I’ve never seen the water so calm, sunshine perfect, local seals in tow…

Steve and myself ended up going for a swim, the water  is definitely getting colder ! Sailing season starts soon, i’ll be hoping to get out into Sunderland bay for a few sails this January.



New Years In Dublin

Wednesday, January 1st, 2014

Going home for Christmas is always something that I look forward to, catching up with family and old school friends, seeing where we’ve ended up and whose travelling where.

But new Years eve is where its at ! heading out to Dublin for some great banter and laughs is always the case !

A very crowded Dublin city full of lively people is something not to miss out on.

Catching up on some flameworking time, Installing a pottery wheel in the studio at home, New years suiting up with friends and making a teapot. Straight back into making on the 6th when university starts again, I look so much forward to showing you all the stages, development and processes involved in my current degree show work !



  • Name: Eduard Ruane
  • Age: 23
  • Studying: Glass and Ceramics BA (Hons)
  • Hometown: Dublin, Ireland
  • Ambitions: To travel, take on several artist residencies and working towards teaching ceramics and glass at university level.

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