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Caitlin Irwin – Livesonline

BSc (Hons) Psychology

What To Expect In Freshers Week

Monday, June 22nd, 2015


Starting University can be daunting, especially if you’re moving away from home. Often theres a general sense of confusion over whats going to actually happen when you get there, but the main thing to remember is most other people are feeling exactly the same.

This is why you have freshers week. It gets you all settled in before you have to start your lectures and the real work, so for the most part you’ll just be finding your away around, meeting your lecturers and other students…and partying. You’ll receive a timetable for freshers week which will tell you what days you need to be in University and where to be. If you get the chance, it’s good to walk around the campus before the week starts and figure your way around a bit. Through the week you’ll have library inductions, and introductions to course leaders, and module leaders – you should really turn up to them. Chances are you’ll only be in a couple of days in freshers week and usually for not very long – so you’ll still have plenty of time to go out. Although they may not seem important at the time, you might regret not going later if you don’t know how to use the library or who your lecturers are.

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 12.52.03

But thats mostly just the boring parts of freshers week, the rest of it is filled with events, and theres usually something for everyone. The main bit of freshers week is that you take the time to meet people, there’s events every day both in the university and all through the city. Don’t worry if you haven’t a clue what any of these events are yet – they usually release them a lot closer to the time.

What most people are looking forward to is the parties and nights out. There’ll be things on every single night, last year there was foam parties and paint parties and even comedy hypnotists. Go to them and enjoy them, it’ll give you a good chance to bond with your flatmates and people on your course. Remember that although its important to turn up to your inductions, the week after you’ll be starting your real lectures, so take the time to enjoy yourself.

Most importantly – go to freshers fayre! Freshers fayre takes place on the campus in freshers week and you’re guaranteed loads of freebies and vouchers (often for dominos and wetherspoons, which you’ll be thankful for later in the year). It’s also your chance to sign up for sports clubs and societies – sign up for anything and everything you’re interested in and give it a try. There are loads of different clubs at the University and they are such a good way of meeting people outside your course and flat.

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 12.49.54 (last years freshers fayre)

Lastly – don’t worry if you’re travelling in to the university and either aren’t in halls or don’t live in Sunderland. Make friends on your course and in societies and usually someone will let you crash at their place for the night if you’re going out!


Caitlin x

A Blog about about A blog.

Friday, November 28th, 2014

The title makes this sound a little like blogception.

Any whom! If you do not have me on facebook, which I suggest you go and give a like for quick updates about what I do through the day, and stuff going on a university:


So, the new blog. This is something I’ve had the chance to do, once again thanks to my amazing course. This blog has been started by my programme leader, and hopes to see a new blogger each month blog about being a writer, and writing in general – along with other literature related stuff. I shall be blogging in December, but also probably appearing in months here and there on it.

It’s just new, so there is not much on yet. But I’ve just posted about something very exciting I’m doing next month. A project, which will see me and others make a video to promote the course I’m doing. I love my course that much, and having the platform I do with Lives Online, I thought it only fair that I do something good for my course, and this project is that thing!

So check out the blog, and watch this space for the video on English and Creative Writing.

Peace x


Freshers Events!

Thursday, September 18th, 2014

Sunderland Nights out are a lot better than I expected. Having being used to Newcastle, I thought the nights out here would be quite quiet…I have been pleasantly surprised. The best thing about it, cheap drinks…and I mean cheap.

The freshers events in Sunderland have been great. I’ve already briefly spoken about the S Club party, which was a moment to seriously relive my childhood. Screaming ‘REACH FOR THE STARS’ at the top of my voice it something I don’t think I’ll ever forget.

On Monday I also went to the foam party, it was packed! One pound drinks in Gatsby’s followed by being covered in foam surrounded by people who are all radiating positivity as Sunderland students was an amazing experience. I bumped into some people I knew from high school, which was a bit of a blast from the past too. (I left high school in year 11 like 3/4 years ago). They where going into there second year, and I also spoke to some other second and third years, I’m yet to here a bad thing about the University. Everybody keeps telling me how much I’m going to love it here, and so far I think they’re right!


(my little selfie before the foam party, unfortunately I did not end up looking like this at the end…more like a drowned rat with curly hair and mascara all down my face. warning to others: seriously consider your clothing and make up choices before foam party’s or just avoid mirrors all night)



I went out again last night, which is ‘Play’ in Sunderland, again cheap cheap drinks! Unfortunately I had a few to many of these cheap cheap drinks and it resulted in me spending all day in bed. Until my wonderful father came and picked me up from my flat took me home and made my dinner for me. #topdad 

Sunderland might not have the biggest and best names in student freshers, but by far the best people. Still loving every second.

Can’t wait for Pop Recs tomorrow, live music and sets from Frankie and The Heartstrings, hopefully taking my dslr and steadycam so there should be a little video to follow. Lots more to tell about a book launch organised by some of my lecturers next friday, so will be blogging again very shortly!

Keep reading, let me know what you think, and follow my instagram! @caitlinlivesonline


Peace x


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