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Caitlin Irwin | University of Sunderland

English and Creative Writing BA (Hons)

8 Reasons I’ll Be Staying At The Forge


So this year I decided not to do halls properly, I’ve done them in the past at another University and to be quite honest – hated it. But this year watching a lot of my friends live in student accommodation at Sunderland has changed my opinion. And the place that really changed my opinion, was the Forge. So, I’ve decided to quit my moaning about how gross it is to deal with someones dirty plates and tell you why I’ll be living at the forge come September.

1. Dishwasher


It had to be number one. Washing up is the bane of my life, we’re students, and frankly we don’t want to do it. Hardly any student accommodation actually gives you a dishwasher, but at the forge every flat has one, as well as fully equipped kitchen. Yes, you may loose a few knives and forks on the way, but at least they’ll all be there to start with.

2. Parties


Okay, so we do work hard. But we party just as hard. And the Forge is the King of parties. If going out is your thing, then it’s the place to be. Expect Wednesday nights to be spent at a pre-Play flat party. Birthdays, end of term, start of term, assignment hand ins…they’ll all call for a party.

3. There Is Always Somebody Ready For A Night Out


Parties nicely leads me onto this point. There is literally always somebody ready to go out. The Facebook group and general community means you can always find someone who’ll take you up on the offer of a night out.

4. General Atmosphere


It’s the kind of place where everybody knows everybody. Although a deathly silence may be heard rolling around on a Thursday morning as everyones hangover kicks in, for the most part, the place is alive. This can only help when you run out of something, somebody’s always there to lend hand.

5. The Shop


Forget walking anywhere. Shop – on site. It’s another thing that unique to the Forge, and another reason to live there. It’ll just make your life easier.

6. Janet


What would the shop be without Janet?

Scratch that – what would the Forge be without Janet? Not only do you not have to walk far to get yourself snacks, going to the shop will be something to look forward to. So much so, some people pop in just to say hi.

7. Flat Mates


You are thrown together in September, and although it’s scary, for most people, the experience is worth it. They meet some of the best friends they’ll ever have in halls. You’ll go through everything together. From the Wednesday night build up to Thursday morning hangover you’ll be with them. They’ll see you in your best and worst states, but it’ll only bring you closer.

8. The Actual Flat Itself


But, lets not forget about the actual flat. The kitchen is fully equipped and modern, the bedrooms aren’t worn out and old, and theres a little living space where you can spend your time with your flat mates and if your lucky, someone bring their TV in there occasionally.

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