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Caitlin Irwin | University of Sunderland

English and Creative Writing BA (Hons)

How To Make Your Own Budget Stationery – (For Classroom Hipsters)

A love for stationery really is ingrained into some of us. Those of us, with the love, will go out of our way for new stationery, using any excuse for a new pretty notebook or that stationary-organiser-related thing that sits on the desk. The start of term at University is an opportunity. I don’t mean an opportunity to ‘do more work’, we all do that anyway, right? I don’t even mean an opportunity to down more jagerbombs than last year, we do that anyway too. It’s an opportunity to blow everyone in your lecture out the water with your classy new pencil case. But this isn’t high-school anymore, for stationary lovers, lectures are a battleground where at any corner someone could have the same notebook (you might as well have put the same outfit on), and worst of all our parents aren’t paying anymore. It’s our responsibility to handle the student loan.

And, that really is the worst thing. Even if you aren’t a dedicated stationary lover, with a perfect leather diary, buying nice stationary is costly. Especially when you’re a student. So after getting annoyed at the 10 pound per notebook price tag and the expense of folders, I decided to do something about it. Make my own. It’s so easy done, and so cheap, I don’t know why I haven’t done it before and you can also guarantee that nobody will have the same stuff as you – it will be completely your own.

To make your own notebooks and folders, you need plain notebooks (I picked ones with a paper front page and a glossy front because the glossy front makes it look nice, but just cardboard or plain covers are fine)


Plain folder – cardboard type cover ones are the easiest for this.

Different types of wrapping paper of your choice


Prit Stick

Now you’ve got everything you need to make your own stationery, and it really is simple. First you need to cut the paper to fit your notebooks, you can wrap it around the entire notebook if you don’t have a one with a plastic cover, and fold it over the edges. If not, cut it to cover the front of your note book, cut and stick! It’s so simple but the outcome really does look good.


When you’ve done this with your notebook, you should hopefully have wrapping paper left over. Often this is in bits and not enough to cover a folder, but this is where you can get creative. Cut what you have left into squares and triangles and stick them over each other to make a collage of the nice paper. Personally, I think these look better than the notebooks.



And thats really it, nice looking stationary for a fraction of the price. Officially an edgy hipster because you made it yourself – well done you. 

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