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Caitlin Irwin | University of Sunderland

English and Creative Writing BA (Hons)

The One Page Challenge

My second love is film. Like writing, it’s a passion that I just couldn’t live without! I have some experience with making short films, and because of that, writing them. Screenwriting is great because it presents new challenges – and not just in the layout. (Anyone interested in screenwriting should get Celtx – amazing bit of software, and free). In scripts you don’t have the freedom of constant description of events, you can’t get long insights into a characters mind – this has to come through in other ways, such as the dialogue. But, even with the dialogue you have to try and keep it short, conversational, to make it seem natural if it were to be adapted – it’s very uncommon to see people on TV and film speak in large speeches unless its absolutely required (perhaps the type of character, or situation).  So you now have the challenge of trying to portray a story, but with less description, using conversational dialogue, and making sure that your character can still be understood. Most of my knowledge on screenwriting, comes from classes and a current TV Screenwriter also told me to beware of parenthesis, you should not need to constantly state how your character says things. Directors and actors will often interpret in their own way, anyway! This being said, like all writing, screenwriting is subjective. To use a well known phrase ‘each to their own’, your script is yours, and everybody has their own style. There is no comparing Quentin Tarantino’s writing style to Edgar Wright’s, and your writing style is unique to you. Tarantino uses a fair bit of description, and though its uncommon – it hasn’t seemed to cause him any problems.

So, what I actually came to post about. A while ago, I was challenged to write a one page script that could be adapted into a short film (1 page is about 1 minute film time). So, I sat down and in a surprisingly quick amount of time came up with something. So here it is. Now I challenge you to do the same, and post about it!

P.s I’d love to see other people’s work.

So here it is (click on images to see more clearly):


1pagechallenge11 1pagechallenge12


Caitlin x

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