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Caitlin Irwin | University of Sunderland

English and Creative Writing BA (Hons)

A Blog about about A blog.

The title makes this sound a little like blogception.

Any whom! If you do not have me on facebook, which I suggest you go and give a like for quick updates about what I do through the day, and stuff going on a university:


So, the new blog. This is something I’ve had the chance to do, once again thanks to my amazing course. This blog has been started by my programme leader, and hopes to see a new blogger each month blog about being a writer, and writing in general – along with other literature related stuff. I shall be blogging in December, but also probably appearing in months here and there on it.

It’s just new, so there is not much on yet. But I’ve just posted about something very exciting I’m doing next month. A project, which will see me and others make a video to promote the course I’m doing. I love my course that much, and having the platform I do with Lives Online, I thought it only fair that I do something good for my course, and this project is that thing!

So check out the blog, and watch this space for the video on English and Creative Writing.

Peace x


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