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Caitlin Irwin | University of Sunderland

English and Creative Writing BA (Hons)

Lunch In Sunderland

So, today before I went to go see the amazing Maze Runner film at Sunderland Empire, me and my girlfriend decided to go for lunch. We found somewhere that was, to say the least, a quality find! There is an array of places to eat in Sunderland, all of the places you’d expect in a city, Nandos, Wetherspoons, Frankie and Benny’s etc. However, rather than sticking to one of these, we spotted an all you can eat buffet right next to the cinema. As a student, its far to say that an all you can eat buffet for £7 (I couldn’t believe the price), is literally the stuff of dreams. Not only was it only £7, but the price included your refillable drink! 

So what is this place? Mr Louie Louie Buffet Restaurant.

Well, the price seemed great, but I wasn’t ready to start singing about it yet. It was only £7 after all, and that could be risky. We got inside and got seated, it was busy which is usually a good sign. Although the tables are quite close together, inside was fairly nice. There was also a bar, so if you wanted an alcohol drink (which obviously is not part of the price) that was also available.

As a picky eater, it can sometimes be hard for me to find food but I was not at all lost for things to eat here. Predominately chinese food, but pizza could also be found (and waffles jelly and ice cream for dessert!). The was plenty of food to choose so I indulged myself with shredded duck pancakes, egg fried rice, chips, black pepper chicken, lemon chicken, prawn crackers, chicken wings and something else which I had no idea what it was…followed swiftly by chocolate ice cream. I know, I’m a fatty…but, all you can eat? You have to take the challenge. My girlfriend enjoyed, Beef and black bean sauce, vegetable spring rolls, samosas and more!

Obviously the food was in no way Michelin star. But for £7, including a drink, you will find no complaints from me. For lots of cheap, good, food I would definitely give this place a recommendation for students! (it’s cheaper than a Nando’s, after all).

After, taking the time to eat somewhere different it has inspired me to find some other places for lunch and dinner, watch out for more reviews on cheap places to eat in Sunderland.

Peace x

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