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Caitlin Irwin | University of Sunderland

English and Creative Writing BA (Hons)

Spectral Visions: Book Launch and Such

Hello All!

I would just like to take a simple moment of your time, and implore you to read on; particularly if you are also a book-lover or future English student and the University of Sunderland.

I want to tell you about an amazing thing going on at the University, right now! In fact, if I am correct it has been going on for a few years. You might have even heard of it yourself. That thing is…dun dun dun, Spectral Visions!

So, what is Spectral Visions? Spectral Visions is a gothic conference held at the University. This year, it will be held in June, and titled Spectral Visions: The Carn-Evil. But wait, its more than just that…there is also Spectral Visions: The Collection, an anthology of original Gothic pieces, written by authors, students and academics. What makes it even better is there is a book launch this friday! And guess who’s going (ME!).

I genuinely can’t wait, there is going to be readings from the book as well as talks on many different things. (And lots of people dressed up hopefully). The talk I’m particularly looking forward too, is by one of my lecturers about the word ‘canny’. Those of you from the North East, like myself, will have no doubt heard this term before. Hopefully by the end of friday, I will know the ins and outs of this very word!

The best part of Spectral Visions, is that as a student at the University I can become part of this and in fact already am. The option was given to me to throw myself in, feet first, and join what could possibly be described as some of my amazing lecturers pride and joy. Spectral Visions helpers like myself, are known as ‘visionaries’, and no doubt in June you will see us running around helping out at the conference, and more than likely, dressed up! I now have put myself forward to help either performing, organising/planning or even running workshops at the conference and I’m so excited.

This is just one of the amazing things the University has to offer that other Uni’s just don’t have. And the best thing is, it’s only one of many. Not only can you be part of the conference but each year you could also have a chance to get published! 

So, sound good?

Why don’t you follow the Spectral Visions blog.

Particularly good if you have an interest in gothic literature, or if your a student or writer why not see if you can come along to the book launch? It is sure to be an amazing night…(and I’ve heard theres a bar). All the details are on the blog I have posted a link to above.

I will also be doing some photos and filming to help out at the book launch, no doubt there will be some on my instagram @caitlinlivesonline and I will post them on hear too, along with the video.

Peace x




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