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Livesonline – Brigita Leonaviciute

BSc (Hons) Psychology

Happy National Chocolate Week!

Tuesday, October 14th, 2014


This is the time of the year when #chocolate_addicts like me don’t need a reason to buy chocolate any more. I am more than happy to announce National Chocolate week kicks off today and everything is all about the chocolate until Sunday midnight.

I am a massive chocolate fan. I don’t need other food. I can eat chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner. When I feel sad or when I have an assignment to do – I get myself a bar of chocolate. My favourite one is milk chocolate with hazelnuts.   Mmmmmmmmmm…

Last week I had a chance to visit Davenport’s Chocolate Factory and actually see how chocolates are handmade. Jane Williams, the founder of Davenport’s, was very nice to me and gave a brief explanation of every single step they have to take in order to produce beautiful little chocolates, or I should say royal chocolates – as Jane made chocolates for the Queen.

It was an interesting new experience, because I’ve never seen how people make chocolates. You must wear a special hair net in order to enter the production room. It looks a bit like a shower cap and doesn’t make me look good, but I was extremely interested in the whole production process.
IMG_1860 Jane was very nice and also offered me some chocolates to try. They were very delicious – like a piece of heaven. I told her that I could not work there because I am a chocolate addict and would eat everything.  However, after a couple of pieces I realised: ‘No chance, I am full’ – and Jane explained to me: if the chocolate is high quality – you cannot eat much. 

However, let’s go back to the production process.  First of all, Jane took huge chocolate bars and with a help of special chopping machine (which looks like a bigger version of an egg slicer) she transformed them into little pieces.  I asked if doing the same procedure every day does not annoy her and she said that it’s very relaxing. It certainly relaxed me, because after a minute of staring at Jane chopping chocolates I was almost in a trance!

The next step was coating. Jane started to explain – you have to be very fast for this job, because the chocolate becomes stiff very quickly and before that you have to stick a little flower on the top of each piece. The view of hundreds of chocolates on the table was a real WOW for a chocolate fan like me.

As I mentioned at the beginning in my post this week is National Chocolate Week and if you are interested in getting this chocolate experience, Davenport’s Chocolate studio is organising tours on Tuesday and Thursday (more detailed information here: So grab your friends and have a chocolate day!


P.S. It is not hard to find this studio. It’s located next to the Pelaw Metro station.

  • Name: Brigita Leonaviciute
  • Age: 22
  • Studying: Magazine Journalism BA (Hons)
  • Hometown: Kaunas, Lithuania
  • Ambitions: My biggest dream is to become a successful journalist. There is no better feeling than the excitement of interviewing people.

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