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July 31st, 2012

Good Bye

It’s hard to believe that one year has passed, isn’t it? And with the academic year ending, so is my contract as the university’s blogger.

I just need to say in my one last post that it has been such a privilege and an amazing opportunity for me to write on behalf of all other students in University of Sunderland, thank you. Thank you guys so much for all your support and for following my blog. This year has been another incredible year at the University of Sunderland that has shaped me into who I am right now. Thank you!

Much love,
Beatrice N. Hendra

July 31st, 2012

Plan for the Future

Looking at the future, now that the second year is over, what am I gonna do?

Get the most out of my year placement in Nestle.
Up to this moment I still think getting a placement as part of my sandwich course in Nestle is one of the best things that ever happened to me. I really appreciate the opportunity given to me to learn not just computer technology, but also a little bit of business. Besides that I’ve found some really cool people that I believe will still be in my speed dial even after the internship :]

Enjoy the last year of Uni.
I never really appreciated how good uni life is until I started my placement. So now that I know I’ll make sure I get the most out of it.

Graduate and travel around Europe.
I’ll be 21 when I graduate! And as my graduation present for myself I’ll go for a Euro trip. Yayyyy!

Get a job abroad for a year or two.
Preferably USA, but doesn’t really matter where. Anywhere in the world is fine with me, I just don’t want to go home just yet.

Learn Chinese while working in China for a year.
This has always been part of the plan. Why China, because I am a Chinese descendant who doesn’t know anything about China. It’s time to find out :]

Get a master degree.
I don’t particularly like studying or classes, but I know by this time I’ll be tired of working and need a break. Besides that I’ll be 23 by then and I don’t want in the older age group in my class!! Might or might not do, I’ll decide later.

Go home and start settling in.
No matter how much I love travelling and new places I know at the end of the day Indonesia will always be my home. Hopefully by this time I’ll have enough degree and experience to properly build my career and perharps a small company of my own 😀

Well I know these are all sounded too much nor that I have the confidence I’ll get them according to the plan. But as long as there is hope there is life! x

July 30th, 2012

The Summary of my [awesome] 2nd Year

End-of-Summer Fun: working as part of the EAP Social Team
Taking part in the social team for EAP class was a perfect way to end my summer holiday. I applied just for fun but it ended up being one of the highlights of my summer. Not only that I met loads of new students, I also got paid to travel around, watched a movie in the cinema, and had parties! *true story*

Started working as an RSA (Residential Student Assistant)
While EAP Course Assistant was just for 3 weeks, RSA was a year-long job (even had a proper training!). It was actually the longest job I’ve had so far, and also the first job that made me feel proud having. Quite troublesome sometimes to be commited for a year but Iknow it has given me a lot of useful experience and skills.

Repeating my Freshers’ week by joining the Freshers’ Welcome Team

Ok now the fun part. As September came and the freshers started to have their freshers’ week, I decided to join them by taking part in the Freshers’ Welcome Team. What does it involved? Party, party, work, and party. Loadsa fuuuunnnn. P.S. we even got an award for doing it!

Managing Projects in Students Association in the UK (PPI UK)
‘Even the smallest contribution counts’. After did it last year and felt the benefits, I decided to be involved again in PPI UK this year. However I moved from IT division to Community Service division wishing I could get more experience in managing people and projects. I could say now that I made a good decision, I am now the leader of Book For Indonesia project :).

Setting up the Paintball Society
Yes, we BUILT the Paintball Society ourselves from sending the proposal to the Students’ Union, managing the cashflow, and even arranging the transportation (although to be honest my friend who is the president did most of them ha!). Nonetheless it was a good experience for me and something to be proud of as we brainstormed everything together! Take a look at the taster session which was also my first paintball experience in the UK.

Connect Group Fun

Haven’t had enough in the first year, I kept on following Connect Group’s activities this year. No regrets at all as they kept us busy with the welcome party, ‘burger and bowling’, diversity celebration, movie nights like this and this, Flamingo Land, and many more.

Traveled around the UK
So this year I traveled to Edinburgh, Glasgow, Durham, York, Sheffield, Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Nottingham, Chester, Birmingham, Gloucester, Warwick, Reading , London, and Whitby. And the journey hasn’t finished yet 😀

Looked for a placement ’till the last drop of blood, and GOT IT
My journey in looking for placement started from going to a Placement Fair with my class, then the application process which involved writing thousands of words for the application forms, having the phone interview and the online test, and finished off by going for the assessment centres. No words could describe how I felt when I was notified that I got a Placement.


And the last but not least, being part of the Lives Online team which really has made the year complete. It felt weird to see myself in the magazines, flyers, conveyer belt in the Newcastle airport, moreover to wear a tshirt with my face on it but it made my family proud of me and that’s what matters :]. And also now that I reread all my posts again in the process of writing this, I felt that putting everything I did in one year into blog posts is actually a brilliant idea. Hopefully I could still find this blog to show my children :p

To finish it off, this year has been an amazing and life-changing year for me. I was just a naive 17 y.o girl from Indonesia but I am now a mature young woman working full time in Nestle, UK :]. I ❤ my life.


July 25th, 2012

Sunderland Air Show with Connect

It’s another summer, another airshow.

I almost forgot that there is an airshow again for this summer (since I am now in York), but thanks to Connect group that sent an invitation on Facebook about going for it together, I managed to go back to Sunderland for the weekend to witness the big show :]

Location: Roker Beach


July 16th, 2012

A picture in the Airport

I just got a ring from my friend telling me that he just arrived in Newcastle Airport and he saw my picture there.

Having no clue what he was talking about, I asked him to take a picture and… *gasp* it’s really me posted in the advert on the conveyor belt! He also teased me saying that a lot of people would see the picture since it is graduation season now and the new academic year is starting. Ah well, I’ve always known I’m lucky to be chosen as one of the online ambassadors 🙂


July 2nd, 2012

The 2nd Year Result is Out!

The numbers speak for itself; it’s a first class degree again. 🙂


Oh how I hate seeing the number ’60’ on my transcript!! But what can you expect when you do it just the night (10pm to be exact) before the deadline eh? My result in Software Engineering Enterprise and Innovation module really drags the average down, but well, the average is still starting with an 8 and it’s still a first. Thank you God for helping me through this year. x


My friend: “No offence, but you get a first class must be because you’re Asian.”

Me: “…what is that supposed to mean?”

July 1st, 2012

Calling For Book/Money Donations!

This is the main project that I am leading as part of my duty in PPI UK. The idea is simple, we (both Indonesian society and local society) collect new or second hand book donations in the UK and we ship it to Indonesia to be spread to the small villages where the education level is still low. We also accept money donations which will be spent to buy second-hand books. Sharing is caring guys! :]

“With £1 you could either get just a bottle of Coke or 3 educational books for the kids. You choose.”

July 1st, 2012

And finally, JULY

“You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching,
Love like you’ll never be hurt,
Sing like there’s nobody listening,
And live like it’s heaven on earth.”
William W. Purkey

June 27th, 2012

Nestle – Day 3 : Hand-made Kitkat!


June 26th, 2012

Nestle – Day 2 : The factory tour!

26th June 2012.

Second day in Nestle! Didn’t do much today. I just spend the day sitting on my desk with the intern that I am replacing.

The highlight of the day is the factory tour. I took a video of it:


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  • Hometown: Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Ambitions: Be successful in work and personal life, and travel around the world

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