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Archive for May, 2014

Anna Robinson

BSc (Hons) Psychology

Northumberland County Show!

Thursday, May 29th, 2014

So I visited the annual Northumberland County Show this bank holiday… It’s a bit of a tradition to go each year – I’ve been going since I was a toddler! There’s always so much to see, do, get involved with, eat, drink & watch. I love country-life and I look forward to the show each year 🙂 thankfully, the weather was brilliant this year too, meaning lots of people went. There were over 25,000 visitors this year!! It was great.

Manchester trip…

Thursday, May 29th, 2014

Here’s a little video of my trip to Manchester. I had a lovely weekend, the weather was fab & I loved watching the City Games & the Great Manchester Run. Perfect break for in between exams before OSCE revision began!

Written Exam #2… Done!

Thursday, May 22nd, 2014

Thankfully I’ve done my second written exam for 3rd year! I’m very relieved it’s done and dusted because I worked so hard for it & that means 3 out of 4 exams are done! Now all that’s left is the OSCE practical exam. I have a bit of time off between this written paper and the OSCE exam so I’m going to take a few days off to relax and catch up on sleep & seeing family & friends, before the OSCE revision starts!
The end is in sight, fingers crossed my hard work pays off….

Dissertation Viva!

Monday, May 12th, 2014


Here’s a short video about my dissertation viva that I did last week – it counted for 20% of the overall mark for the dissertation! We do our dissertations in third year at Uni and mine was all about rheumatoid arthritis – I designed the title and my project myself – focusing on an appreciation towards current rheumatoid arthritis treatment regimes and existing disease state burden in the UK.

I quite enjoyed writing my dissertation because I was lucky enough to do a topic which I was really interested in. Fingers crossed for all third years for our dissertation grades which we’ll get in summer with our exam marks!!


Pharmacy Pre-Registration Exam Revision

Monday, May 12th, 2014

I found this video that a Pre-Reg pharmacist has made, all about BNF topics & preparation for his pre-reg exam & thought I’d share it. The Pharmacy pre-reg year follows 4th year of pharmacy school, and applications for 3rd year students are beginning soon! Some of my friends in 4th year are set to begin their pre-reg year in July/August – so this could be them in one year’s time(!)

Hopefully soon I will do a blog post about pre-reg applications and what to do/not to do when applying! Hopefully that will be helpful for current 3rd year students like myself, who will be applying very soon…

Exam #1… Done and dusted!

Thursday, May 8th, 2014

Phew. That’s my first written paper done! So I can tick my Viva and my Module 1 exam off my “To-Do” list… Only my Module 2 exam and OSCE to go then it’s summer!!

I had a lovely afternoon catching up with the Uni girls after our exam today – and thank goodness the exam went alright too(!) I worked really hard for this exam so fingers crossed it pays off 😀 back to revision tomorrow as my next written paper is in one week!

  • Name: Anna Robinson
  • Age: 21
  • Studying: Pharmacy MPharm
  • Hometown: Newcastle
  • Ambitions: To begin my career in Hospital Pharmacy, specialising in cardiology, with a view to teaching Pharmacy at a University.

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