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Archive for March, 2014

Anna Robinson

BSc (Hons) Psychology

Third Year Update!

Tuesday, March 11th, 2014

Hi everyone… here’s my recent and most up to date blog about Third Year. Basically all that is on my mind at the moment is … dissertation……. dissertation……… dissertation!! It’s almost hand in day for me though, so I’m sure I’ll feel pleased and relieved once it’s submitted. I’ve strangely enough enjoyed writing it…

Shrove Tuesday… at UoS!

Tuesday, March 11th, 2014

Mr Dispenser Comedy Roadshow!

Tuesday, March 11th, 2014

Here’s my blog about Mr Dispenser’s visit to UoS to do his Comedy Roadshow Talk. What a fab evening it was… thank you so much to Mr Dispenser for coming and being a fab host 🙂

Mental Health Work Experience

Wednesday, March 5th, 2014

Here’s my video blog about the Mental Health placement I went on through University of Sunderland. It was a great great day and I gained so much from it… Placements really do provide students with insight, meaning that I retain the information I gain from it. Thank you to University of Sunderland for organising it, and thank you to St Nic’s and all of the great Pharmacy team that accommodated us on the day!

Shrove Tuesday: “Pancake Day!”

Wednesday, March 5th, 2014

So yesterday was Shrove Tuesday and because of that, I thought I would try to get creative and make some pancakes. Typically on Shrove Tuesday people make pancakes to use up all of the fatty foods we have in our houses, before the period of Lent – 40 days and 40 nights. During Lent, people can give up eating unhealthily or doing bad habits, but the reason behind doing so stems from the Christian religion and the period before Jesus’ crucifixion on Easter Friday.

I found two funny articles today titled “An Idiots Guide to the Christian Festival of Lent” and “Pancake Toppings Ranked Worst to Best”… They made me smile, and hopefully they makes you smile too. I love golden syrup or lemon and sugar on my pancakes; which is ranked #1 on the article! Good taste, I think.

I’ll leave you with some of the pancakes I cooked last night… some were rather more successful than others(!) I guess pancake flipping is not my forté!


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  • Name: Anna Robinson
  • Age: 21
  • Studying: Pharmacy MPharm
  • Hometown: Newcastle
  • Ambitions: To begin my career in Hospital Pharmacy, specialising in cardiology, with a view to teaching Pharmacy at a University.

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